Parisi Adult Total Performance (ATP)

6 Week to change your life...

What is the ATP Program? 

Parisi Adult Total Performance Program (ATP) for short is our adult programming offered here at the Wichita Parisi Speed School. 

This program follows the exact same principals. We are a specialized program designed around each individual athlete and their needs. Each person is evaluated so that we can determine initial deficiencies and begin to work towards a specific goal. 

  • Targeted Workouts 
  • Nutrition Training 
  • Flexible Schedule 
  • Motivation and Accountability 

This program is broken down into 6 weeks. 

Here is what to expect:

  1. Week 1 Introduction to Workouts- Pre Evaluation 
  2. Week 2 Accountability and Commitment Check  
  3. Week 3 Intensity Increase 
  4. Week 4 Heavier Strength Training/Diet Check 
  5. Week 5 Evaluation Prep Week 
  6. Week 6 Post Evaluation


Group Training 

3x a week - $300 

Unlimited- $400

Premium Group Training 

3x a week - $400

Unlimited- $500 

Premium Small Group 

10 Sessions- $300 

20 Sessions- $500

50 Sessions -$1,000

One on One 

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